Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Ecuador


A San Francisco couple is on a mission to discover the most beautiful places on planet Earth. After travelling through Mexico and Central America, Joseph and Farideh Ross arrived in Ecuador and have spent the last few weeks exploring the four corners of this small nation. On all accounts they have found it difficult to leave after realizing that Ecuador is a place of endless hidden treasures.

Whilst they adventured through Ecuador they not only discovered beauty in the landscapes but also in the people they met along the way. Joseph told us “We had a most wonderful experience visiting the Exclusive Hotels & Hacienda of Ecuador and getting to know some wonderful people along the way.  Staying at the EHHEC properties is an incredible way to experience the best of Ecuador and to learn about each unique part of the country!”

Majestic World is an around-the-world odyssey in search of the world’s most beautiful places. Farideh and Joseph will attempt to explore and learn about 100 fascinating destinations around the globe! You can learn more about their journey at http://goalsadventures.com/MajesticWorld/

Featured Hotel

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Hacienda Abraspungo Riobamba

The wonderful Hacienda Abraspungo, the best of Riobamba hotels, is located at 2,754 metres above sea level, surrounded by the magnificent Ecuadorian Andes. It is named after a glacial valley which is si...

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Featured Tour

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Southern Ecuador Highlands & Rainforest Tour

This 10 day tour includes an overland trip south from Quito along the breathtaking Avenue of the Volcanoes, with stays at some of the country´s best haciendas and incorporates a 4 day / ...

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