Gastronomic experiences

Enjoy one of the Andes tours organised by Exclusive Hotels and Haciendas of Ecuador which offers a genuine gastronomic experience. Guests have the opportunity to savour a whole range of dishes during their visit, from traditional and home cooked food to contemporary and gourmet cuisine.Just a short visit to one of the colourful weekly markets in Ecuador will give you an idea of the diversity of produce that is on offer; an endless array of exotic fresh fruits and vegetables, a huge variety of potatoes, corns and grains and not to forget the best seafood that the Pacific Ocean can provide.Traditional Ecuadorian dishes such as the refreshing seafood ‘ceviche’ from the coast and the heart warming ‘locro’ soup from the highlands are flavours that all visitors to Ecuador should experience.All of the hotels within the Exclusive group offer varied and fantastic cuisine but for those with a passion for cooking a trip to Hacienda Umbria is not to be missed. Here guests are invited into the kitchen to help with the preparation of the meals working along side and learning from owner, chef and sommelier Alvaro Samper.


Jorge Washington E2-43 and Ulpiano Páez, Quito , Ecuador

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