Discover a different lifestyle, experience an ancient culture, travel in the past of the Amazon jungle, Know about a unique way of life, be a witness of the jungle guardians. The Achuar believe in the multiple spirits that give them the guiding lines for a harmonious relationship with the rainforest and its creatures. The magical and healing powers are used by the Shaman, who obtains his strength through plants. Kapawi Achuar Lodge really contributes to the Achuar community in its Health and Education projects. This project contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of seven Achuar communities: Kapawi, Wachirpas, Ishpingo, Ksutkau, Wayusentsa, Sharamensa and Suwa. Its fascinating and natural environment contributes to the sustainability - cultural community and the protection of a unique natural environment. It is a remote region, the Amazon jungle, is on the margin of logging, mining and oil extraction. It is an isolated lodge surrounded by forests that serve as home to 19 species of mammals, 37 types of amphibians, 11 kinds of reptiles and almost 250 species of birds. Built according to the concept of Achuar architecture, A unique experience in the life of enjoying a part of the Ecuador and to see the humid tropical forest from the air, in small airplanes flying in low altitude on a great green extension.


  • Visits Communities
    The possibility of knowing its Culture.
  • Observation Several Species
  • As Birds, Insects, Caimans, Snakes, Fish, Amphibians, Dolphins, etc.
  • Day-Night Walks
  • Enjoy a different facet of the Forest.
  • Camping, Swimming and Fishing
  • Camping night with dinner, swimming safely and even fishing.
  • Sailing Canoe-Kayaking
  • A quiet stroll or exciting Kayak tour.
  • Ceremonies
  • From Ayahuasca guided by a Shaman in search of wisdom and physical and spiritual cleansing as well as a romantic wedding.


    Simple cabins

    Double cabins

    Triple cabin

    Family Suites (Up to 4 people)

    Hotel facilities

    • Pick Up & Drop Off
    • Box Lunch
    • Bilingual guide
    • Land and Air Transportation
    • Complete Feeding
    • Accommodation
    • Native Guides
    • Excursions
    • Ceremonies
    • Canoes by Communities
    • Wifi Internet
    • 100% solar energy



    Jorge Washington E2-43 and Ulpiano Páez, Quito , Ecuador

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